Hello, My name is Krisztina

well hello there! my name is KRisztina

& I am offering exceptional quality
web design and website development services

and I am so glad
you are here

Here I present what I do and how I do it
to those who are interested

What I Do


Unique and memorable look which not only reflects your values and dedication, but also impresses your visitors at the same time.


With mobile first approach in mind, your pages will load fast, adapt well and look great on all screens, let it be mobile, tablet or desktop.


You can have the power to manage all content on your website down to the last detail. Publish articles, grow your blog, build an audience.

Search Engine

Making sure that the code is easily understood, interpreted and indexed by search engines is the last step of the build process.

My Approach

  • Step0

    Requirements Analysis

    Building an outstanding website requires serious teamwork, and this is the first and most important step of that collaboration between my client and me. The people I join forces with usually are well prepared and bring fantastic ideas to the table. My task is simply to decide on the technical aspects and strategies of carrying these ideas into effect, and to pinpoint the best tools which help us get the job done.

  • Step1

    Design in the Browser

    Goodbye Photoshop, hello live, interactive demos! Instead of wasting hours upon hours producing a static jpeg file for review, I prefer coding the mockups from the very first theory. This is a huge time-saver for the entire process, edits are so easy on copy, layout and color scheme alike. The end of this phase yields a static website that is responsive, loads fast and is ready to be ported to any CMS of the client's choosing.

  • Step2

    Static Review

    This is usually the most collaborative phase for my client and me, simply because at this point we have reached the visual and presentational high spot. Ideas that were great in theory but miserable in practice are discarded and replaced with bells and whistles. Any design change or layout adjustment is still a breeze, and seeing the site shaping up nicely is routinely giving birth to new cosmic and ambitious objectives.

  • Step3

    CMS Integration

    After all that visual razzle-dazzle, it's time to empower my client to share their awesome content with the world. During this phase I take the static code and convert it into a fully editable, easy-to-manage CMS theme. From this point on the owners have complete control over what and when gets published on their site: adding new articles or moderating comments will now be both possible and desirable.

  • Step4

    SEO and Speed Optimization

    To ensure that a website appeals to the right kind of audience it's imperative to have a good SEO strategy in place. Through this step I make sure to lay a solid foundation on which a good SEO strategy can be built by writing code that is easily indexed by search engines. Creating a clear document outline, using correct headings and wiriting optimized makup all contribute to your site ranking higher in search results.